Tsotili camera

Live view from Tsotili Kozani
Live view from Tsotili, Kozani. Altitude: 840 meters. Tsotili is a town of Kozani prefecture. It is situated in the western part of the prefecture, 59 km west of the city of Kozani, former region of Voios. It is built in amphitheatrical shape, upon a hill that belongs to Voios mountain range, at an altitude of 800 meters at its lowest part and 850 meters at its highest part, above sea level.
Its climate is considered continental while heavy snowfall is not rare in the winter. This camera looks north, north east with Mt. Askio (Siniatsiko) in the background. The mountain reaches 2.111 meters.

Property: Thanos Hasiotis - Meteology Team
Hosting: Thanos Hasiotis

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