Ano Doliana camera

The camera is located at Ano Doliana, Arkadia, at an altitude of 1000 meters. Ano Doliana is a mountainous green picturesque traditionral village built on the northern slopes of Mt. Parnonas at an altitude of 1050 meters, near the road that leads to Tripolis (25 km), to Parnonas, to Kastri and to Saint Petros. The village is built in an amphitheater shape, it has narrow streets and stone-made houses and it has been declared a traditional village. It spreads in two different neighbourhoods. The beautiful square with its plane trees και cafes, near the church of Holy Mary, offers an excellent view to the plateau of Tripolis. The horizon reaches all the way to Mt. Menalo, Artemisio, Helmos and Erymanthos.

Property: dkandilis Electric

Hosting: Traditional cafe "Κyras Voulis"


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